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12 Weeks With B

February 9, 2017

A failed adoption is a heartbreaking thing. I wouldn’t trade our time with B last summer for anything, but it has taken a lot of time to heal and still hurts.

Chatty Chicks

We have arrived at the end of our 12 weeks with B. I apologize that I haven’t updated you much during the 12 weeks, but I didn’t really have the time. We packed as much as we could into our 12 weeks as possible. We visited with family, went to church, went bowling, played mini golf, went to the movies, played lots of card games and board games, went to the beach and Charleston, went to the lake, wake boarded, went tubing, went to the pool, learned to ride a bike, had a birthday party for him, and just spent time together as a family. Most of all what we tried to do most was show him love, patience, and consistency. I will do my best to be as honest and transparent in the post as I can be all the while trying to protect B’s privacy and to some…

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