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Artificial Skylight? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

February 15, 2015

CoeLux Artificial Skylight

What room in your house, your office, your church, or other building is dark and uncomfortable to spend time in? It might be a basement space, an interior room, one with small windows, or one with no windows at all. What if you could put a skylight in that room and bring the look and feel of a bright blue sky with warm sunshine streaming into that space? How much more appealing would that space be to you? As humans we all crave natural light, but the reality is it’s just not available in all of our spaces. CoeLux has developed an artificial skylight that looks so real it will fool the human eye and the camera. Check out their video and see for yourself.

But, before you run down to Home Depot and ask for one for your basement, it’s not yet that readily available and to get one installed will set you back about $70,000. However, like any new technology as more uses are found, efficiencies in fabrication are realized, and competition from other vendors enter the market, the price should come down. Anyone remember when the first flat-screen Plasma TVs came out for a cool $15,000 not that long ago? Can you think of a space that could use something like this? I’m betting most everyone can and I would keep my eyes on this product. What uses and locations can you think of that would benefit from this amazing invention?

CoeLux Artificial Skylight

CoeLux Artificial Skylight

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