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Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways

May 30, 2014

Solar Roadways

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might remember this post from almost four years ago, “Solar Roadways – Driving On Glass?” I was a bit skeptical, alright a lot skeptical, but it was such a cool concept. Well, now the cool concept has advanced to a more developed prototype, the inventors, Scott and Julie Brusaw, have figured out how to create excitement with a viral marketing video, and the Solar Roadways team has gone down the crowdfunding route to try to turn this into a reality. Check out the amazing potential for this system in their viral video:

Sounds so Pollyanna right? Maybe it is, but it would be really cool and a big boost to the economy, not to mention that it potentially takes care of so many problems with this one solution. I mean come on, it: generates free electricity; prevents snow/ice buildup; allows all power/phone/fiber lines to run underground; collects storm water runoff; and uses LED lights for lane markers, warnings, and parking striping. Oh and let’s not forget it still functions as a road/parking lot/sidewalk too. I’m all for letting the private market sort this out first through crowdfunding, capital investors, or IPOs. Let private individuals and companies install this in their driveways and parking lots if it is cost-effective and provides a good return on investment. If it works this invention will change the world. If it doesn’t the private market will sort it out and relegate Solar Roadways to a footnote in history about this couple and their wacky idea. Either way I’d rather go that route before the government dumps trillions into it, artificially subsidizing it and then eventually killing it through mismanagement and corruption (does Solyndra ring a bell?), leaving the taxpayer (or in reality the taxpayer’s future grandchildren) holding the bill.

What do you think about this idea and whether you think it will work? Would you install it on your driveway?

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