When was the last time you went ALL IN on anything? Do you even remember? What was it that got you so excited that you put all of your heart, mind, and soul into it and went ALL IN? Was it calling in sick at work, hopping in the car, driving 12 hours across the country, paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket, and painting your whole body to cheer for your favorite team during March Madness? What happened when they lost? You didn’t stop being a fan did you? No, you’re disappointed, but you’ve been ALL IN for years and nothing is going to change your loyalty to your team.

Or, maybe you’ve never been ALL IN for anything. You go through life driving from home to work to home again without much interest or effort being expended at any point along the way…you’re just going through the motions. What will it take to catch your attention, to get you to wake up and go ALL IN for anything? Ultimately going ALL IN for a basketball team will accomplish nothing of significant value for anyone except the school, coaches, and players (one and done…just sayin’) who make their money from their ALL IN fans.

If you’re looking for something that can excite your soul and is worth going ALL IN for, and can actually change the world, look at helping others. Wow, that’s it…that’s the pay-off for reading this far? Help others? I can barely take care of myself, why should I care about helping others? Most of us have a warped view of our own situation. If you live in America and make over $34,000 a year you are in the top 1% of income earners in the world, and if you make over $70,000 you are in the top 0.1% of income earners worldwide. If that fact doesn’t change your perspective I’m not sure what will.

My wife and I have an ALL IN item that we are currently pursuing with a passion. It’s something that excites us to our core, makes us laugh and cry, and we know without a doubt that our life will be changed for the better through this. What is it? Adoption. We are ALL IN for adoption. Not just one kid, and not just a cuddly baby, but possibly sibling groups, older children, and minorities, all of whom are some of the hardest in the system to place. What craziness would make us look into adopting multiple kids when we already have three other biological children? To put it simply we are just putting our faith into action. We’ve been blessed and we’ve seen the power of adoption to change the lives of both adopted children and the parents who adopted them.

It is a travesty of the highest order that there are children in this world who are in need of a forever home and there are millions of families right here in our neighborhoods, churches, and social groups who have more than enough resources to take care of every one of them, if only they would open their eyes to the need, see the potential life changing impact, and go ALL IN! Won’t you join us in making adoption as natural a choice as having biological children? If you have questions about adoption, leave a comment, contact me, or check out the Adopt US Kids website.

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