Inspiration and Action


What inspires you? What gets your creativity flowing? Some people are regularly inspired by the same type of thing, like listening to their favorite music. Others find inspiration almost anywhere. I’m working on expanding my horizons and trying to find inspiration in more places. However, inspiration alone isn’t enough. There is a need for action. As the Picasso quote above says, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” Without action inspiration is just a fleeting glimpse of what could have been.

Inspiration doesn’t always come easy to me, as you can probably tell from my infrequent postings. I wish I had enough inspiration (and time) to write daily. Maybe one day I will, and I know that right now this is also nothing more than a flimsy excuse, as Picasso’s quote hits too close to home. I will continue to seek inspiration in any form I experience…art, architecture, music, a sermon, a sunset, my kids’ imagination, reading a book, and quiet reflection. I hope that motivation will join inspiration and one day I will start to take my own advice and become a more prolific writer.

What’s holding you back and what are you doing to put your inspiration in motion?

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