Visioneering Studios…you only know part of the story

Visioneering Studios Logo

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that I work for Visioneering Studios. If you only know a little bit about Visioneering Studios you probably think that we are just architects, or more specifically just “church architects”…but there is much more to the story. In the coming weeks I’m going to do a series of posts that tell more about Visioneering Studios, what we do, who we are, and why we do it.

But first I’m going to tell you the backstory that you probably don’t know. Even those of you that know us as a church architect may not know “the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey likes to say. Visioneering is much more than just a church architect, but Visioneering’s connections to the church world do go deep and wide. Visioneering is part of a national family of ministries under the umbrella and ownership of the Provision Ministry Group. Others sister companies include Church Development Fund (providing loans and investments for church projects), Stadia (church planting organization), Kairos Legacy Partners (help for declining churches), Co:mission Foundation (helping donors invest in ministry), and the Slingshot Group (church staffing and coaching).

Stay tuned as I give more details in separate posts about each of these sister ministries and then wrap up with some posts about Visioneering’s growing range of services. The next post will start at the beginning with the birth of Church Development Fund in 1953 that eventually became the catalyst for the whole Provision Ministry Group and family of other church ministries.


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