Poolside Posting…and philosophizing

Baxter PoolWifi is great. Mix it with an iPad and it’s even better. While sitting poolside tonight at my daughter’s swim team practice I thought I’d experiment with a post done completely on the iPad (including the attached photo). Technology is changing how we connect with each other and with the world. What used to be a completely localized community is now global. In the past I would only have been able to share a live event like this with those actually sitting next to me. Or, if i “recorded” the event in some fashion I could share it later with someone by mailing it to them or showing it to them the next time they came over.

Thanks to the internet and social networking I can now share an event live with the whole world, and those I share it with have the option of viewing what I post in real time with me or at their convenience later. It’s really quite a powerful tool that is available to us all…one that gives everyone an opportunity to have a worldwide platform to express views, share creativity, or promote causes. The great philosopher Ben Parker, otherwise known as Spiderman’s uncle, said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Are you using your power for good?

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