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Eat Art – Artfully Ending Hunger

December 14, 2011

Eat ArtI’m excited to introduce you to Eat Art. This is an incredible organization that was only officially launched in September of 2011 by a new Twitter/Facebook friend of mine in California. In addition to being an amazing artist and pastor at Discovery Church in Simi Valley, Todd Clark has a heart for those in need and the determination and dedication to do something about it. Eat Art is his dream and vision for “artfully ending hunger” one piece of artwork at a time, and I look forward to purchasing numerous items over the coming months.

"Surfer Girl" by Heather Brown

"Surfer Girl" by Heather Brown

"A Portrait Of Christ" by Jeremy Cowart

"A Portrait Of Christ" by Jeremy Cowart

"Sono Luminus" by Ed McGowan

"Sono Luminus" by Ed McGowan

"Joshua Tree Silhouette" by Steve Sears

"Joshua Tree Silhouette" by Steve Sears

"Lyquid" by Todd Clark

"Lyquid" by Todd Clark

For every piece of artwork or apparel you purchase from Eat Art, a certain number of meals are sent to hungry kids around the world. How great is that! You get the art, and the kids get to eat. Eat Art researched extensively to find a group who would have the integrity, reputation, and global network to supply meals to hungry children and found their answer by partnering with the Children’s Hunger Fund who have sent almost $1 billion worth of food and other resources to over 10 million children in thirty-five US states and seventy-two countries around the world since their founding in 1991. Since CHF’s inception, an average of 99% of their total contributions have been used for programs serving the needs of children.

But an “art charity” would be nothing but a wild idea if not for the creativity and caring of the network of artists involved. Todd continues to seek out great artists like Heather Brown, Jeremy Cowart, Ed McGowan, Steve Sears, and many others, including his own amazing photography,to provide the “wow” that makes this act of generosity seem almost like a crime when you realize you get to walk away with this incredible artwork in return.

Don’t forget to check out the cool apparel featuring the Eat Art logo as well. You can help “spread the word” and help the hungry by sporting the arm bands, caps, or beanies. I certainly wouldn’t mind finding some of these items under the tree or in my stocking on Christmas morning (hint, hint, Santa).

Although I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a piece of the amazing artwork or an item of apparel, if you’d rather you can simply make a donation to send meals to hungry children through the Eat Art website. Hunger knows no season, so even though Christmas is a time when people are buying gifts and are more often in a charitable mindset, remember that you can help others and enjoy some beautiful artwork any time of the year.

A special thanks goes out to Todd for allowing me to share images of the artwork from his site in this blog post! His desire to help others through this venture is an inspiration to me and I hope you are inspired as well. If so feel free to share your thoughts and encouragements in the comments.

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