Where Is Your Home?

We just moved in to our newly constructed house in Tega Cay, SC this week (which is a suburb of Charlotte, NC), after spending the last four months living out of boxes in a rental property. Moving is never fun, but I’m telling you that we looked forward to this move with great anticipation because we really felt our life was “on hold” just waiting to get settled so we could unpack and “get back to normal.”

I won’t say that the last 4 months were like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, because they weren’t…but like the Israelites we were longing to get to our new home as quickly as possible. What has made the transition and the waiting bearable, and even enjoyable, was quickly finding our new church home. What a difference that makes.

Lifepointe Christian ChurchMoving to a new city without close connections, friends, or family is a stressful experience, especially with kids (including a high school daughter who didn’t want to leave her friends). What we found was a church called Lifepointe Christian Church where we were able to jump right in, make connections and friends, join a Life Group, start volunteering, and basically begin to feel at home.

If you are new to Charlotte, Fort Mill, or Tega Cay, or if you are just church “homeless”, come by and check out Lifepointe on Sunday. But, you know what, homes are very personal. I love my new house…the style, the layout, the neighborhood, but maybe you wouldn’t. That’s the great thing about houses. There are all kinds out there and there’s one out there that is right for you. It’s the same with churches. But, you have to go looking. It probably won’t come find you. You have to make the effort, and once you find the right church home you have to jump in with both feet.

Just like you wouldn’t move from house to house every few weeks or months (because that’s just insane–really, does anyone look forward to the actual move???), you need to look at your church home the same way. Will you find the perfect church? No, it doesn’t exist, because it is made up of flawed humans. But like any family and any home, you need to work at it and give it a real effort and give it some significant time.

So, maybe Lifepointe is right for you, and maybe it’s not. So if you don’t come here, then find some church somewhere to come home to. Where is your home?

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