You Are Worth Way More Than That

True Love WaitsAs a father of two girls who are not yet at dating age (but getting uncomfortably close) I was extremely moved and disturbed by Donald Miller’s blog post about “How To Live A Great Love Story” or as one fan tweeted “A Letter To Girls About Hooking Up”.

I have a hard time understanding why so many young girls seem to care so little about themselves that they jump in the sack with every guy they meet. Movies like “No Strings Attached” and almost everything coming out of Hollywood in movies, music, and TV (“Jersey Shore” anyone) glamourize the “hooking up” lifestyle.

As a dad I worry about my daughters growing up in such an over-sexed culture. I want them to understand how special they are to God, to me, and to their future husbands. They are worth way more than just sex and they only hurt themselves in the long run when they don’t value themselves more than that. Donald Miller states it much clearer, more bluntly, and more completely in his post, so please read it. Share it with your daughter or your youth group. Read the comments on Donald’s post and hear the pain shared by people like “Annie”. It’s time to take a stand and reach out to our daughters so they understand the value they have and why true love is worth waiting for.

Guys you are not off the hook either. Grow up and stop treating women as objects for you to use and throw away. I’m looking forward to Donald’s post (directed at guys) tomorrow.

By the way, thanks to some amazing technology I typed and published this blog post on my iPad at 30,000 feet onboard a Delta flight from Atlanta to Omaha. First time…cool.

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3 thoughts on “You Are Worth Way More Than That

  1. Hello! haha I’m 16 and I definitely agree with what you’re saying here! Some girls don’t realize how valuable they’re and start foolin around with guys. Altough some girls (and guys) do it for the right reasons, most of them do it for wrong reasons ( fun etc) without thinking about how they’d feel in the future and other consequences.. This was a really nice post 🙂

  2. thank you. i wish there were more daddies like you out there, willing to speak out for their daughters’ sakes. God has blessed me with such a dad, but i know there are other girls who aren’t so lucky.

  3. I totally agree with this, I can say that your daughters are lucky to have a father that cares so much about his daughters self-worth. We men in this generation have a lot to fix in regards to attitude, we need to stop seeing women as sexual objects. We need to see them as people beautiful in their own way , composed of strengths, talents, and loved by God.

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