Meet Me on Main Street

Northeast Christian Church - Louisville, KY - "Main Street"
What do you do when you are maxed out in your current building and you still have land to develop, but your current building is landlocked by a 5′ diameter water main and easement that bisects your site? Northeast Christian Church brought in Visioneering Studios to help them solve that problem and build-out the remainder of their campus in Louisville.

With weekend attendance of around 2,700 the church had maxed out their current auditorium and children’s facilities. With a strong vision for the future, the church desired a new 2,100 seat auditorium which would also require renovation and expansion of about 30,000 SF of their children’s environments to give them room to accommodate the new growth.

Northeast Christian Church - New 2,100 seat auditorium

Northeast Christian Church Kidville

The water line was an untouchable, unmovable object since it feeds water to half of Louisville. The design we came up with not only addressed the water line issue, but also reflected the church’s desire and commitment to create a community amenity out of their site. “Main Street” was the answer. Using the easement as the “street” and aligning the new worship center and nursery building parallel to the easement and the existing building gave the semblance of a block of urban streetscape. More pictures are available to view on my Flickr site.

The really cool thing is that the at the grand opening Bob Cherry, the Senior Pastor, announced that the church has already planned weekly activities including street fairs, concerts, art shows, and other festivals along Main Street all summer. This will be a great outreach that gives back to the community, while allowing the church to have an impact in people’s lives in a “non-threatening” atmosphere.

In addition to Main Street and the state-of-the art 2,100 seat performing arts/concert venue, the project also included a major renovation of the whole children’s building. The old children’s building and gymansium got a facelift, a second floor was added in the gym to gain more usable space for kids, and three uniquely themed group rooms along with multiple breakout rooms were provided with environmental design elements by PlainJoe Studios.

This was a great project for us and Northeast was a great ministry partner throughout the project. I love their heart for the community and the impact they are having in Louisville. How is your church thinking outside the box of “traditional” facilities to create environments people want to visit that can also be used for other community functions seven days a week?


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  1. Cool stuff my friend. Very, very nice.

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