Velocity 2010 Conference (

Velocity 2010 Conference (
Velocity 2010 Conference (
I’m excited to be representing Visioneering Studios along with Mel McGowan at the Velocity 2010 conference (established by on February 22-23. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Shawn Lovejoy and David Putman, the two founders of the website and conference, and pastors at Mountain Lake Church, over the last couple of years as Visioneering Studios worked with them on the completion of the design and construction of their new worship center in Cumming, GA.

They have assembled an unbelievable lineup of 39 culturally and ethnically diverse speakers at this year’s conference…are you ready for this group (in alphabetical order): Brian Bloye, Rick Campbell, Matt Carter, Mark Clement, Caleb Crider, Mark DeYmaz, Steven Furtick, Dave Gibbons, Casey Graham, Hugh Halter, Charles Hill, Alan Hirsch, Billy Hornsby, Reggie Joiner, Brian Jones, Shaun King, Shawn Lovejoy, Tricia Lovejoy, Michael Lukaszewski, Will Mancini, Chris Mavity, Larry McCrary, Tony Morgan, Jeff Murphy, Larry Osborne, Darrin Patrick, David Putman, John Shepherd, Tim Stevens, Sherry Surratt, Greg Teffertiller, William Vanderbloemen, Chad Ward, Autumn Ward, Rick Warren, Carlos Whittaker, Pete Wilson, John Worcester, and David Yeghnazar.

All I can say is “wow,” what a group of influential church leaders! Kudos, to Shawn and David for seeing the need, having the vision, and putting together a world-changing event like this year after year. The impact they are making in church planting is helping to change the eternal destinies of untold numbers of new believers around the country and around the world.

There is still time for you to make it, but not much time, so check out the website today and come join us. Who are you most looking forward to hearing and why?

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