The 8BIT Network


New on the internet scene is a great church resource called the 8BIT Network. Established by the creative genius, John Saddington (on Twitter he is @human3rror), who brought us the ever popular ChurchCrunch blog, among others, the new 8BIT Network adds three new blogs to the lineup: ChurchCreate, ChurchIT, and ChurchDrop.

ChurchCrunch will provide coverage of web apps/services/technology, blogging, strategy, business/entrepreneurship, and community development. ChurchCreate will focus on art/design, environment production and development, video/audio engineering, and assorted technologies. ChurchIT will satisfy the techno-geek in you with coverage of software, hardware, networking, and other assorted technologies. Rounding out the lineup, ChurchDrop will focus coverage on all types of mobile devices, software, web apps, services, and technology.

– ChurchCrunch = Web
– ChurchCreate = Media
– ChurchIT = Tech
– ChurchDrop = Mobile

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part…if you’re an “expert” in one of these areas, the 8BIT Network is looking for people to contribute articles to their sites, and they’ll even send you a little bit of green for your effort. Do you have an opinion and think you’ve got what it takes to be a writer? Then stop by and sign up for your opportunity.

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  1. thanks for the write up!!!!!!!

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