Southern Hospitality…a Texas specialty

Our company, Visioneering Studios, kicks off every new project with a design charrette, by spending a week at the site working on the master plan and the “big idea” for the project. This week our team was in Katy, TX which is just a short drive west of Houston on I-10.

Grace Christian Church asked us to help provide a new “front door” to their community. Their current building sits well off the main road in the middle of a 28 acre parcel. It looks like a “typical” church building you might see in Anywhere, USA built in the last 10 years. Many people drive by and never notice it because it is so far from the street, while others who might notice it probably don’t see anything to make them want to take a second look, and that’s a shame, because the heart of the people at Grace is amazing. If there was a way to put their heart out front for all to see then there would be a lot more traffic turning into the parking lot every day. And that’s what they asked us to help them do. Over time I look forward to sharing that transformation with you.

While we were there they covered us in prayers, invited us into their family, and had volunteers provide us with home-cooked meals, snacks, and drinks until we were ready to pop! Darren Walter, the Lead Pastor, is leading by example and wearing his heart for his community on his sleeve. He helped organize the whole shindig all week, and made sure we had everything we needed.

I love Texas, and love to visit where southern hospitality still reigns supreme (no offense to you northerners who are hospitable). Being born and raised in the South (yes, Virginia is still the south), and having lived in Atlanta for the last five years, I’m no stranger to southern hospitality, but Texas knows how to do it right! Plus I love their slogans…”Don’t mess with Texas”….and…”Texas, it’s like a whole other country.” How can you NOT like that?

Okay, so now let me know how hospitable your state is, and what your favorite state slogan is.

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