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Visioneering Studios LogoVisioneering Studios is an anomaly in the world of architecture in many ways (caution: shameless self-promotion to follow). 2009 was possibly the worst year in recorded history for architects. The slowdown in the economy that began in late 2008 and still lingers today resulted in the number of employed architects in the US dropping from 230,000 to 189,000, an almost 18% reduction in employment over one year. In fact the field of architecture was the hardest hit profession in 2009.

And even though Visioneering Studios did experience the leanest time in our history, we were fortunate to have a great year working with some amazing churches around the country including a number of project openings (Elevation Church, Southeast Christian Church, Mountain Lake Church, Mariners Church, among several others) and design work with churches such as Austin Stone Community Church, Northeast Christian Church, and many more. Thankfully we have also been blessed with a current backlog of new project starts that is already booked into April, so 2010 is shaping up to be a potential banner year.

The success during the down time is an anomaly itself, but Visioneering’s uniqueness goes deeper. We were established and owned by a non-profit parent company (Provision Ministry Group), but we are staffed with creative design, architecture, urban planning, financing, and construction experts who left successful secular employment with firms such as Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Gensler, Lennar, and others. Each felt a calling to bring their experience, creativity, and ability to create destinations that lift the spirit to the world of “church architecture”. With locations in Irvine, CA, Denver, CO, and Atlanta, GA we are set up to work with churches nationwide, so if your church is having a hard time finding an architect who “gets it” and can understand your church’s unique DNA and ministry then just give us a call to see if we are the right fit.

At Visioneering we don’t feel called to be “temple builders” that create monuments to ourselves or the churches we partner with, but instead we feel called to be “well diggers” who design culturally relevant and cost-effective destinations for creating horizontal (people to people) and vertical (people to God) connections, like when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:1-26. People are the “church”. A church building is just a tool for reaching the unchurched and our goal is to develop Christ-centered communities that change the definition of what a church building is.

I could go on, but part of the fun of a journey is exploration and finding out more for yourself, so if you’re interested in joining us on this journey into architectural evangelism feel free to bookmark these resources and check them often.


Blogs: Visioneering Travelogue, and Reckless Abandon (this blog)

Twitter: Mel McGowan, and Jody Forehand (me)

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