People Of The Second Chance (POTSC)

Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite have been influential “impacters of culture” for quite some time. Since 2003 Jud has been the Senior Pastor at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, which has weekend attendance in excess of 12,000 people. He’s written several books and is a sought after speaker at conferences around the country. Mike Foster is a busy guy. In addition to his day job as creative principal at PlainJoe Studios he is a serial ministerial entrepreneur. He was the founder of and Junky Car Club, and is the president of Ethur.

These guys have been long time friends and came together a few years ago and wrote a book entitled Deadly Viper Character Assassins that is about integrity and character in leadership. Their latest movement is called People Of The Second Chance. Ironically this movement that started many months ago with an idea, some bumper stickers, and t-shirts has now become the centerpiece of Mike and Jud’s collaboration due to some unfortunate controversy within some segments of the Asian-American Christian community over the use of Asian culture to sell books. In my personal opinion the issue was overblown and obviously unintentional, but Jud and Mike chose to take the high road, and not only pulled the books from the shelves but also shut down the Deadly Viper website and canceled all further development of the concept.

The leaders of POTSC overnight became not just promoters of second chances but users of second chances. God has an amazing sense of humor and the ability to use all circumstances for good. The controversy over Deadly Viper, which generated a lot of undesired publicity on the internet in certain circles of influence in the evangelical world, also ended up generating a ton of publicity for the launch of People Of The Second Chance. Now the founders of the movement have a personal story of their own to share…about POTSC and its scandalous movement of radical grace in life and leadership. Check out their launch video below.

We can all use a second chance at some point in our life. It is far too easy to condemn the Tiger Woods’ of the world and forget that behind the moral failure of any individual is a broken person in need of a Savior and redemption–a person who might take that second chance and change the world for Jesus (anyone remember someone named Saul, who after his second chance was known as Paul?), and I am grateful to Mike and Jud for their continued work in the field of grace, integrity, leadership, and second chances. What about you?

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