United…we’re all on the same team

Today was a great day at NorthStar Church. Mike Linch preached week 2 of a 4 week sermon series entitled “United”. NorthStar and 14 other churches in the West Cobb area trying to follow Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17. Too often churches are focused on the wrong enemy…each other. Why should we ever be competing with another church? Why should we think we’re right and they’re wrong? Obviously there are some Biblical principles that are black-and-white, but often these areas are not where we are judging, criticizing, or comparing. Instead we judge our “competition” by their music, their programs, their attendance, their buildings, their website, and so on. The mission of each of these churches, like each individual Christ follower, should always be to point others toward Christ, and as long as they are fulfilling that mission in a way that is working for their congregation we should all be cheering the diversity that exists in the Church world, and the many methods and means of pointing people to Christ.

There is growing movement in this country seeking unity among Christ followers. Probably the most far-reaching effort to date was implemented by Craig Groeschel and Lifechurch.tv, known as One Prayer. Over 2000 churches from around the world participated this year. United there is so much more we can do to serve the world than we could ever do divided, and after all if we are all following the same coach (Jesus), shouldn’t we all look at ourselves as being on the same team?

What is your church doing to be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer for unity among believers?

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