Speaking of United…Airlines

In my job with Visioneering Studios I work with churches all over the country, and therefore get to experience the “joy” of flying on a regular basis. I’m based out of Atlanta, which means I fly Delta to cities all over the country, and I must say, that I have been pretty fortunate not to have encountered any major issues with flights, cancellations, lost bags, destroyed items, etc. in all my years of flying (posting this is a sure fire way to jinx that streak!).

Anyone who flies a lot knows how fortunate that is, and that really bad customer service experiences do happen. Big airlines are not unlike other big, impersonal businesses or bureaucracies. So what can you do to fight the bureacracy when you have been wronged? Dave Carroll experienced the first-rate run-around from United Airlines after they broke his expensive guitar, but using his wit and skills as a musician and videographer he put out the first of three music videos released on YouTube as his “revenge” against United Airlines. He also taught a lesson to all those who provide “customer no-service” to the public…we have the power of the internet and we’re not afraid to use it! See the video below and read the back story here.

Do you have a bad or funny airline experience you would like to share? If so, post your comments here, because I’d love to hear them.

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